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About Us

We are a technology platform of expertise to share information and content, a place to consult and interact with the community of architects and anyone interested in architecture.

What is is one Specialized Social Network in the universe of architecture.

Who can participate in the Social Network?

People who loves architecture. Our motto is “Architecture for all”.

How can I participate in the Social Network?

You can participate by registering as a user. It's free !

Choose your subdomain and get accommodation to create your Blog or website..


Because I have the best name free, I am not alone on the Internet, I am in contact with people like me and I benefit from the synergies of the Group.

What we offer to our users?

Create groups and invite your friends, groups forums, private internal mail, share content, participate in the forums of…

You have a tool free developed under WordPress (Content management system) that allows you to easily create your Web site or Blog and customize it..

Our website is at the top of the search engines and continuously updated. Your Blog or Web site will be at the top of the search engines in a few days.

In addition, If you want your email with and you need more features for your Web site or Blog can get it using the PRO version.

How to do my Blog or website?

It is very easy, Register, login to your account and, from that moment you have operational Web or Blog of your subdomain, follow these First steps in If you know what you want to publish, in a few minutes you will have your Blog or Web site running.

The team.