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What is an Internet domain?
It is the comparability of a number of a computer connected to Internet translated into terms memorized and easy to find.
In our case are and

What is an Internet yourdomain?
A subdomain can be considered as a second level domain. Normally a word which is written before the domain.
In our case it is that we'll give you, If you wish, When you register and in addition we offer you a free hosting service so you can create easily your Web site or Blog.
You may not use offensive words, reserved or degrading towards the profession. You can check the terms in the legal conditions.
The number of subdomains is infinite. See what are busy before choosing yours. Most are free !

What is a Web page?
It is an electronic document that is located on the Internet and can be accessed via a browser.

What is a Web site?
It is a set of web pages linked to them and common to your subdomain. Its content tends to be static, although it allows the update of documents.

What is a Blog?
It is a dynamic website where you regularly enter content. Normally the last thing is published is what first appears.
They usually have the opportunity to comment on the article by other persons other than the author.
Its design is a logbook of the boats that were described consecutively navigation reviews.

Can a Web site provide a blog?
Yes, You can include your Blog on one of the pages that make up your Web site, If you so wish.

Make my Web site

We based ourselves in one of the most prestigious and robust market systems, WordPress.
WordPress is a content management system focused on the creation of Blogs.
Its success and expansion lies in the number of developers who have made applications and free templates or payment for this system.
Also add BuddyPress and WordPress Multi User to develop the Social network between users.
To facilitate the process of creating a Web site or Blog, we've simplified all the options that WordPress offers. If you want to also use a standard WordPress version, increase the performance of your Web site or Blog and have the email you can use the PRO version.

The first time you enter to customize my Web site.

Enter in your account and you a screen like this.

In the upper left you have access to the desktop and on the right the Social network functions.

Go to your desktop and you will see a screen similar to the following:

Primera Pantalla

The top bar the screen displays links to quickly enter to edit an article, create a new one, enter in the admin panel, updates, see your website right and many functions to manage your social network.

In the central message We explain briefly the steps you must follow.

In the menu on the left you have everything you need to customize your Blog or Web site and at the bottom the Assisted mode allows you to do so in 5 steps.

If you need more features: email, more than 130 models of templates to customize the appearance of your site, more than 30 exclusive applications, personal technical assistance, use the standard WordPress version or more space, You can choose the PRO version in this menu on top.

If you need assistance please send an email to Support

The team